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Our Numerologists give an explanation of Numerology 19 here in simple and easy to understand words.

Within the deep levels of human affairs, number 19 represents something very important. If you have on countless occasions seen the number 19, there is something that it is telling you. On a surface note, number 19 means self-dependence or independence - the author and the finisher of itself. Before we go on, it is salient to state that every number has its meaning and has its significance within your life.

Consisting of one and nine, 19 holds the starter and the finisher. Most people often have root numbers as their numerology number, but for the remaining, a compound number such as 19 shows a relationship between the root number that they hold. From my previous statement, you probably know that the root numbers range from 0 to 9. To derive a better understanding of numerology 19, we need to boil down to a single digit, and the convention among numerologist is to add all the root numbers together in a repetitive process till it gives a root number. For number 19 goes thus;

1 + 9 = 10.

Now, the root numbers are 1 and 0. We go for another addition process;

1 + 0 = 1

To understand the forces at work within ones' life, a good understanding of these numerology numbers is required.

numerology 19

Meaning Of 19

Every number is unique in its one way. Since the number 19 contains 1 and 9, numerologists believe that it helps you achieve great things. Aside from independence or self-reliance stated earlier, the good news is another thing that number 19 brings to the table. If 19 appears within your life, it probably means that you have completed a particular challenge in your life. As a result, it means there is a higher calling that is required of you to start. Based on a certain situation, it could mean that you are required to have a critical look at your life or be of service to humanity. Aside from seeing the number in one's life, it could be there from the start; birth number. This means your life 19 is dependent on finding no reason to hear from anyone before doing anything.

meaning of 19

Numerologists call 19 a better 1, and on the numerology chart, it is represented by 19/1 on the numerology chart. Whether it is a birth number or a recurring experience, it has a higher meaning. Based on the 19th Card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot which is the Sun, number 19 represents the dawning of a new day or the rebirth of a person. The Sun represents the beginning of something new (which 1 represents) and the fact that it shines on everyone (which is also the reason for number 9, benevolence). Therefore, it means that anyone who has been seeing the number 19 (in terms of experience) should be preparing for the refilling of his or her energies and be ready to serve all equally.

Relationship Of The Root Numbers

Let's look critically at the root numbers of the number 19. 1 puts you in charge, you're the driver and the beginner of your destiny. It means confidence, a new beginning, and independence. In the spirituals, it is the birth of everything including the universe. Strengths of number 1 include being independent, goal-oriented, solution providing, and number 1 isn't left without weaknesses. It is domineering, fearless which could be risky, doubtful. People with this number and the better version 19 exert some form of leadership that is different. Whether it is birth number or experiences, they are required to take control and steer the ship in the right direction. On completion of whatever is put before them, they find no limitations in start a new challenge. It only just started. For such individuals who heed the message, it is a lifelong thing.

Now, number 9 is a whole lot subtle. It's about finishing things, tolerance, humanitarian efforts, support. It is more about completion and not end. It involves transition into a new sphere. Just like 9 ends the single digit, and starts a course for the double-digit. As much as being sacrificial can be helpful, it important to

know that it can be to a fault that could be detrimental to such an individual, and this could even lead to resentfulness. Based on the two numbers, it shows a place of balance and peace. The number 1 influence on 9 is predominant in 19, and it could be that such a person could make drives and action for humanity or self. It could be easy for one to take the weakness of both numbers, and take the message the wrong way, it is up to us as individuals to make the right choices concerning that.


The influence of 19 isn't just in one area, it supersedes that. It could be prevalent in one's career or relationship or lifestyle or doings. It depends on whatever the message is, and how it relates to your life. In terms of career, politics or a government career might be where the compass in point towards. Due to the importance of one, it helps with everything. Some people would classify such persons as a dictator due to his domineering qualities, but if such individuals know whom to keep his weakness in check, this wouldn't be an issue. In terms of their emotion and relationships, they often find it hard to express themselves and are lonely due to this. However, if the partner knows how to manage such situations, it often very helpful. If such a person doesn't have control over his or her weakness, things could easily go out of hand if there is poor management concerning the partner. In more terms with the relationship, most people who associate with them are likely to live with them as a result of fear. Regardless, they help inspire those that they relate to, and is usually a good thing if both parties understand each other.

In total, the number 19 means the following; Independence, Bravery, Dynamism, Sympathy, Refinement, progress, open doors, etc. As much as these are good qualities, it is very easy for such individuals to fall easy prey for their weakness, and end up not achieving what they intended.

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