Angel Number 1111: Seeing 11:11 Meaning

Angel number 1111 is a unique message from a super natural being in the angelic kingdom, say God, guardian angels, or any other Source Energy that indicates your ability to associate with Ascended angels in that realm.

When you see number 1 or 11:11 repeatedly, be aware that the angel communicates with you.

In fact, it is your connection with those supernatural beings that are tasked with determining your full potential. So, when we see such numbers occurring repetitively, it means that our guardian angels are trying to relay a very crucial message.

Why am I saying this? well, Christ, Archangels, and other Ascended masters wish us only fulfillment and happiness in our lives. This means that when we encounter these numbers, we are made aware that our masters mean well for us.

And the messages we receive from our angelic realm offer us the requisite encouragement and support to achieve our success. We're supposed to heed to the messages harbored in angel numbers so that this guidance may work in our lives.

Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 1111

Angel Number 1111

Before we delve deep into the spiritual meaning of this angel number, we must first seek to understand what number 1 means. In the science of number meanings, or what we call numerology, number 1 indicates leadership abilities, optimism and positive energy.

The next time you bump into this number several times a day, just be aware that your new beginnings are only a few centimeters away.

How does this number appear? I'm pretty sure that you could be wondering how these spiritual messages appear to us. Actually it appears but more often than not, it comes across as a mere coincidence.

Technically, when that happens, it is just by total accident. But spiritually, it bears a lot of meaning. Imagine waking up to see your wall clock say 11:11, and then seeing it again the next day at your place of work. You should start feeling something beneath your mind and heart, right?. This is called 'synchronicity' in spiritual terms.

Its meaning is even more strengthened when it appears to us numerous times in let us say, within one week. Again, this bears a powerful spiritual message- that we are engaged in Accession. It, in fact, gives us spiritual activation energy to wander the realms of life.

We should never treat Angel number 1111 as a completely coincidental phenomena because it is a reminder that nature is divine and innate. As simple as that. It signifies our spiritual evolution, positivity, and carries a vibrational essence of mastery and leadership.

Have you been receiving angelic messages through number 1111 lately? Your ascended master is trying to relay to you a spiritual message.

meaning of 1111

Below are some of the possible meanings why you are seeing this number.

It is a symbol of Faith

Angel number 1111 carries the beauty of Faith. It tries to rejuvenate the level of Faith in us after many years of disappointments. It reminds that the Angels are there to help you regain lost faith and hope. To sum it all, the angels are trying to encourage you to trust and feel confident about everything you believe in.

Focus on your intuition and worth

Most times, we constantly validate our worth through seeking approvals from our friends and the world. Having observed this negative trend in you, the angels are now sending you the message that you should cherish and love yourself.

Now focus on your own worth and intuition because your self-worth emanates from within you and not from social approval.

Find your truth

In numerology, number 1 also represents truth. Discovering your truth is yet another reason you are seeing angel number 1111. It simply means that the angels want to appreciate yourself, by seeing the value within you and by seeking the truth.

The truth you find should be aligned with your life because this helps us retain our uniqueness and identity.


Because angel number 1111 is similar to a call from angels, we ought to heed to this call, decipher its meaning and acknowledge this angelic connection with the Ascended Masters.

By doing this, we develop a sense of assurance that our lives are guided by the divine powers and as a result, we are able to attain our full life potential.

Open your heart to the messages of the Holy Spirit and you will be guided all along your unique path.

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