What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Is Itchy? Spiritual Meaning

In this article, we explore the spiritual meaning and superstitious belief to a question that people ask, what does it mean when your left-hand is itchy?

We have at least searched once on the internet or asked our parents why our palms are itching! Depending on the creativity of our elders, there is a chance that you have heard some interesting superstitions.

There are numerous stories or superstitions about itching palms in all the cultures. But, the meaning behind it is different depending on which palm is itching.

Well, let's find out what it means if your left palm or hand is itching.

what does it mean when your left-hand is itchy

Itchy Left Hand Spiritual Meaning

Although it is the most widely used book around the globe, it would be an understatement to say that 100 superstitions are written in the Bible. The Bible is greatly influenced by the culture of the Roman empire and the culture that once was in Israel and Palestine.

According to these cultures, the left side is considered as an inferior side.

King Solomon wrote in the Bible - A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:02.

It is quite evident from the above verse that the left side is associated with a foolish man i.e negativity. It stands as a symbol of mistakes and misfortunes.

Moreover, in Mathew 25:33 Jesus explains a parable:

He will place the sheep on His right and the goats on His left.

The parable explains that the Lord will take the rightful and just ones to his right side while the sinners will be led to his left side. Throughout the Bible, there are numerous instances where the 'left' side is associated with evilness or negativity.

So, your left-hand itching is not a good sign according to the scriptures. It symbolizes financial difficulty or monetary debt. Left palm itching can mean that you are due to pay money to someone or that you owe a significant amount of money.

It is a reminder of an outstanding action - a mistake or negative action might lead you to this crucial situation.

Left-hand itching can mean that the economy will be affected negatively soon.

For example, if you have made investments using your savings in the stock market or real estate, left-hand itching may be a warning sign that can be taken into consideration. Corrective steps can be put in place to minimize losses in that case at the right time..

Itch on your left-hand is considered as a reminder that you don't have enough money to pay off your debts. It is a reminder for you to focus on your financials and improve your savings.

According to the Hindu religion, it is the right hand that symbolizes receiving.

The deity of Lekshmi (goddess) represents wealth, fertility and good fortune. So for Hindu devotees, itching on their left palm means that the Lekshmi is leaving your home. The right hand represents 'giving' and the left-hand represents 'receiving' wealth.

But it is completely opposite if you are a woman. For Hindu women, if your left-hand itches, then it means that Goddess Lekshmi has blessed her. You can expect good fortune and prosperity in life.

Left Hand Itching Lottery

Another popular and quite opposite theory is that left-hand itch means that money is coming your way.

Yes, quite surprising isn't it?

According to the theory, the left hand is 'to receive' and the right hand is 'to give'. So if your left hand is itching, then you might just turn lucky. Receiving money can be in any shape or form.

Someone who owes you might suddenly pay you back. Or you might get a job offer that you desperately need. Or your left-hand itching may just win you the lottery.

There is a real-life story about a woman from Brooklyn. She bought a lottery ticket when she realized that her left palm was itching.

And guess what, she became a millionaire overnight!

The superstition has that you can increase your chance of getting money. How come?

Let's reveal the big secret.

So, if your left palm is itching, ask someone else to scratch your palm with their opposite hand i.e. their right hand. Yup, it's that simple! Well, don't hold onto it but it has worked for some people.

Itchy Left Palm Love

If your left hand is itching, sadly might not have anything to do with your love life!

But, with money comes all luxuries in the world! You won't know where you'll be dining tomorrow night or whom you'll meet. And as always, there are some gold-diggers out there!

Who knows, maybe it'll change your love life! One thing for sure, whoever is with you will stay by you. Because who doesn't want some extra cash!

Right Hand Itching Spiritual Meaning

An Old Wives Tale is that an itch on your right-hand means that you'll be receiving money. Whereas an itch on your left hand symbolizes losing money.

But following the theory from above, the right hand is normally represented for misfortune. So if your right hand is itching, there is a chance that you are about to lose money.

Your fridge might stop working suddenly or another emergency could arise. You end up spending more money than expected! Pro tip - its good to have money saved for emergencies like this!

However, what goes around comes around right? So, you might get the benefits of it in the future!

So, What Should I Believe?

Well, there are numerous theories and myths out there. But, it is safe to assume that you have a dominant hand. It can vary from person to person. A good way to identify your dominant hand is by monitoring the events after your left or right-hand itches.

If you keep getting money (multiple times) after your left-hand itches, then it is your dominant hand. Which means, left = receiving and so an itch on your right hand will definitely mean you'll be losing money.

Also, your hand itching whether it be your left or right hand can be due to allergic reactions. It is wise to inspect the area to make sure that's not the case before jumping into any superstitious conclusions. It is quite common to have allergies on palms of hands especially for people who sweat more.

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