Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up at 3 Am: Spirituality

Waking up at 3 am is very special spiritually.

The human body is equipped with 14 main meridians and among them, 12 align perfectly with the 24 hours of a day. This implies that one meridian covers 2 hours running through your body. Meridians are perfectly connected to the parts of the body, the body processes, experiences, and emotions. Normally, that hour that you usually wake up daily can inform you of the disruption experienced by a meridian. The nighttime determines what happens when you wake up. It is crucial to consider how frequently do you wake up during the nighttime. For instance, if you are fond of waking up at 3 am every single night, this implies that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

waking up at 3 am spirituality

It is believed that the number 3 acts as the connection with Angel's company. The angel's company may signal that you are contented in transmitting the goodness and love contained in your body.

This helps you when connecting and dealing with other people.

A simple addition i.e., 3+3+3 equals 9. Nine is a number which indicates of something wonderful which will benefit you and the people around you is yet to arrive.

The appearance of the number 333 repeatedly in a person’s life implies that that particular person is fully prepared to reach the limits and break the barriers that hinder your growth. Also, repeated 3s are associated with good luck. You may fulfill everything you've fought for.

Waking up at 3 am may imply that your subconscious brain is being busy interacting with the invisible world. The activities involved include the exchange of information with angels, loved ones who died, and spiritual guides. These activities may be intense to the level of waking you up.

The Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Meaning Of Waking Up At 3 AM

The physical meaning of waking up at 3 am

This may imply that you have issues related to the lungs. It may be a lack of the ability to relax and take a deep breath.

Mental meaning of waking up at 3 am

This implies that you require thorough direction and guidance. Even though you've just begun awakening at 3 am, a lot of things may still be new to you. So, you are waking up during the witching hour spiritually. The witching hour is not a negative thing as it helps in the absorption of a lot of information you need.

Spiritual meaning of waking up at 3 am

Normally, the veil which is between the dimensions is usually lowest at 3 am. There is a high possibility that energies are communicating with you. When you become sensitive to the energies, your body will automatically wake up itself and there will be more things going on in the physical world. You have to stay awake and take note of any information that you will receive or the ideas that will pop in your head during this time.

Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

  • Questioning of the reality of your capabilities in the life.
  • Viewing past old issues from your childhood cropping up once again, the same situations may appear repeatedly and you may respond in different ways at this time.
  • Realizing the existence of yourself and nature intensively.
  • Going through massive life changes.
  • Your emotional experiences may be intense just out of nowhere.
  • You may feel the need for isolation.
  • Having fogginess in the left brain and mild disorientation.
  • The feeling of being uncomfortable is triggered by any random situations that you may not let go.
  • Realizations that you are responsible for pursuing the life you will be comfortable with.
  • Realizations that you need a greater change in your life.

Some things such as excessive alcohol consumption, disruptive relationships, depression, anxiousness, and napping during the day may be put into account. What is most crucial is the trust you bear to whatever you feel is correct. Just like you note the odd times you wake up, you also take note when you have come to an end. This implies that the part of your life has been resolved which previously had not.

What Should Be Done During Spiritual Awakening

It is always wonderful to be aware that you are going through a spiritual awakening.

Waking up early every single day will make it hard for your body to adapt.

After a few days of waking up early, your eyes will feel heavy and hardly stay alert during your work. In case you need to sleep once again, you should take care of the waking-up call and begin targeting the genuine spiritual potential.

As time goes by, when you wake up, remain while lying on your back. Take about 3 long and deep breaths. Trace the energy that flows in your body at the same time. Engulf this new type of energy since it will be needed in making changes when targeting the highest potential.

After this, gently close your eyes and relax your body. Do your best and attempt seeing the world using your mind eye then pay great attention to the next appearance. You will later notice that numbers, letters, symbols, or words at the beginning.

Concentrate and master what you will see to make sure you will recall it. In case the need of putting it down arises, write it in your dream personal journal.

Writing down will make you easily recall it since you have the written source.

After fully concentrating on the vision, quickly make a nice mental decision to take care of the information when you wake up the following morning. Now you are completely free to carry on with your sleep. When you fall asleep within a short period, it implies that you have correctly absorbed the information. If you get it tough to sleep within a short span of a moment, this implies that there are some mishaps with the information you got.

Once again, go through all the steps. The next morning after waking up, have a quick look at the symbol you had earlier received and attempt interpreting the information. This may take quite some time hence you should be patient.

You can meditate which is crucial when opening your mind completely so that you will clearly understand the information sent to you.

Once this is correctly done, you will have normal sleep once again.

Generally, when you have hit the right path, it will be unreasonable for the spiritual realm to make you wake up every single night.

When you keep on waking up every single night, it is a clear sign that a lot of effort should be employed. Always be patient as later you will be enlightened as you were supposed to be.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Waking Up At 3 AM

The devil’s hour is widely used in paranormal television and horror movies.

The devil’s hour refers to the period between 0000 hrs and 0300 hrs. a lot of people claim that during this period the devil is extremely powerful. This idea seemed to have come from the belief that Satan likes mocking God.

According to the gospels of Luke and Mathew, we are told that Jesus died in the ninth hour. The ninth hour would correspond to 1500hrs. According to this logic, Satan keeps 03oo hrs to himself while changing symbolism according to his conception. This is seen as a direct mockery of God.

This ninth hour is widely considered as the time when the devil’s activity is high. This corresponds with the fact that during this period, in the dead night, the sun has set long ago and it will not dawn in a few following hours.

The gospel scriptures continuously refer to darkness time as the time of sin. The concept is perfectly brought out in the gospel of John i.e., john 3, 19-20 which says, “Herein is the judgment: light came into the world, and men preferred darkness to light because their works were evil. Anyone who does evil hates the light and does not approach it, for fear that his works will be discovered.’’

Also, it is believed that Jesus was betrayed by judas during the time of darkness specifically midnight. Peter too denied Jesus before crowing of the rooster which is believed to be around 0600 hours. This could imply that the trial of Jesus occurred before the occurrence of Sanhedrin which happened during the devil’s hour.

Biologically, 0300 hrs mark the time when humans are in deep slumber in normal sleep and wake cycle in adults. Your circadian rhythms will be disrupted in case your wake is to be woken up at this time. This makes people feel stressed and awe-full.

A lot of people are fond of praying at this hour in case they wake up. But always keep in mind that regardless of which day and time, God will always powerful than Satan and He’s referred to as the light of the world which will shatter any form of darkness.

In Between Time and Space

Below are few examples in case you do not know something about in-between space and time:.

  • Equinox: This is the tipping mark between dark and light i.e., energetically supercharged time.
  • New year: During New Year's Eve, at midnight we fall in the void between the old and the new year. During this time of about a few seconds, nothing is happening since the new year hasn't started whilst the old year has come to an end.
  • Solstice: This is the turning point of the day and night. It is shorter and moves in the opposite direction.
  • Sunset and sunrise: The time which is between day and night is fascinating.
  • Walking barefooted on the ground.
  • The high and low tides.
  • Mist.
  • The period between 0200hrs and 0400hrs.
  • Halloween.

Witching Hour

Wikipedia says, “the witching hour is a time of night, typically between 12 and 4 am, that is associated with supernatural events, whereby witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and be at their most powerful. Black magic is thought to be most effective at this time due to the veil between worlds being thinner.”

Withing hour phrase started in early 1775. Although its origin may further trackback to the year 1535, the catholic churches had illegalized any activities done between 3 to 4 am. This was due to the emerging fear related to witchcraft in European countries.

There are two meanings of witching hour worth mentioning:

One is concerned about older children and babies when stimulated, throwing tantrums and fussy i.e., “How to survive and stay sane during the Witching Hour for Mums”; the other one is per the stock trading last hours i.e., between 3 to 4 pm, a period which is above the average volatility.

What To Be Done In Case You Wake Up During The Witching Hours

You may decide to either sit upright in a chair or lie on your back or chose the posture that is best comfortable according to you. Keep your palms together and let them face to resemble the position of receiving something. Relax your body, steady your body and do away with any tension. Using your third eye, draw attention as you focus your energy and direct it to this area. A little pressure on your forehead will be noticed and it is normal. Mentally, take note of any words, feelings, images, or any information that comes to your vision. Do not use force. The things that are in your vision aren’t to be sensed right away. Let the information flow naturally in a calm manner.

Carry on with your breathing. As time goes, you will feel as though the insights have come to an end. Before you finish, bring back your attention to the place you are. Open your eyes slowly. Give thanks to your Angel and guide. After this, put down the messages you received and also the interpretation of the same. You may review them later in the day.

What Happens Between 2 to 4 am?

Usually, the time between 2 to 4 am is considered peaceful, quite energetically and physically. The town is quiet i.e., there are no cars on the road, tablets, computers mobile phones, or any other electronic gadget that is quiet as the owner sleeps.

There is a thin veil between the two worlds. This veil enables etheric beings to interact with you more positively. Usually, your soul will leave the physical body but it will stay connected with the help of a silver cord. Your soul will then travel through the vast space and time. In case you die, this is when the silver cord connecting your soul to the physical body is severed and damaged. When your soul leaves your physical body, you will meet your loved ones who passed, Angels and guides. You will then discuss with them how you are faring on earth. When this happens, you may have been enrolled in the spiritual academy.

In case you are star seeded, you may go back to where you came from and spend time refilling your energy in your planet of origin. In some cases, your soul may accidentally stumble and be stuck in the astral. You may wake up all of a sudden due to nightmares.

At night, it is best to stay calm. When you are resting at night, everything is in control. Your soul will leave your body and head to where it belongs. There, it will access fresh light influx, inspiration, love, joy, strength, ideas, and direction. When your soul doesn't leave your body at night and stays within it, you will wake up feeling tired and in low spirits.

When you have the feeling of strength and joy the first thing when you wake up in the morning, this is a clear indication that your soul went out and interacted with Guides and Angels, trotting the universe.

During the night when you got the feeling of being intense, an electrical signal will run through the silver cord thereby waking you up directly. In the shortest time possible, your soul is pulled back from space back into your physical body thereby opening your eyes wide awake. Your body may feel jerk when the soul jumps into your body awkwardly. In this state of body jerk, you might try to recall your soul being in between awakening and asleep. Your soul may interact with people you have a strong relationship with during the night.

In case you are missing someone and you may also need to ask for forgiveness, do this ritual: Pick the best time i.e., between 2 to 4 am during which the night is ending while the new morning hasn't reached, or noon where the new day hasn't begun while the old one is over. Theoretically, the person you wish to interact with should be sleeping. In case you a divided by a large distance, check the local time where the respective person is at the moment. Prepare a candle and a lighter.

After lighting the candle, stare at the middle of the flame and imagine the person you wish to interact with is there. Now tell everything you’ve ever wanted to tell but you couldn’t because of a reason or another to your heart’s content. The flame will then transmit your words over to the person you intend to. This connection usually happens on a subconscious level. The person you wish to talk to will start thinking of you and in the end, you will establish a mutual connection and get in touch.

Reasons, Why You Might Wake Up At 3AM

Sign of waking up

Being alert between 3 am and 4 am may imply that your consciousness is awakening. There is a development of a massive self-awareness in a different world that is lacking desperately in this area. In the middle of waking up, your alignment tends to shift back to the natural physical state. This results in physical awakening when you veil between the two distinct dimensions.

You are receiving messages from the angels and the spirit guides

During this period, there is no interruption and a lot of noise. The usage of electronics is lowered hence there is minimized exposure to the frequencies. The personal vibration is at ease and in a calm state. This increases the sensitivity to the energies coming from the spirit world. This also makes it easier for the celestial realm to give you a ring. The spirit guides and Angels will attempt to make a connection with you spiritually for them to send you the guidance, messages and help you with the inner work of the soul i.e., expansion of your consciousness.

During this time the people with whom you have strong relationships may also send you messages.

A call for co-creation and manifestation

In between 3 am and 4 am, the world is in still form. Your mind is free from any form of distraction since a lot of activities are on hold. During these peaceful and calm moments, the universe might be calling you to level up your game manifestation. Think about specifically what you need in your life. Then, believe it into reality.

The following are experiences you may use to evolve when waking up at 3 am spiritually

Between 3:00 AM to 3:40 AM, Something Very Important Happens in Nature. Watch video

  • Enquiring the mind.
  • Search for the meaning and cosmic classrooms.
  • Accessing mode of stillness at 3 am.
  • Soul calling; the soul is usually active at 3 am. Your conscience will take a back seat during this hour. When you wake up at 3 am calm your heart and ask your soul to speak on your behalf.
  • Lucid dreaming; you may have consciousness out of your physical body. It is advisable that keep a journal next to your sleeping area. This will help you when recording any insights, you get as soon as possible. Always reflect on the dreams you had after waking up each time. Write down every experience in the dream and do not ignore any of the information. This will help you to fulfill your wishes according to the experiences you had.
  • Kundalini and OBE’s rising.
  • Meditation at 3 am.
  • Recording of experiences.
  • The next day grounding personally.
  • Acting on the spiritual messages.

The bottom line

You may think that you are only busy during the day and at night is rest time. This is not the reality. During the nighttime, you are ever busy than during the day. Because at this time you are busy roaming in the universe while shaking hands with your loved ones, guides, and also angles. The feeling of freedom and joy may become intense drawing your soul back to the physical body hence waking you up at 3 am.
This is normal. Relax your body. You may have a drop of water and carry on with your sleep.

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