Why Do I Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers On The Clock

why do i keep seeing repeating numbers on the clock
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So, you take out your phone or look up at the wall to check up on the time, perhaps your eyes simply just unintentionally met with a number and you immediately notice something about it. That it's another repeating number. You may assume that it's probably just a coincidence, right? Wrong.

Believe it or not, there is something much greater than you trying to get your attention. Whether you believe that to be a God, guardian Angels or your higher self. Repeating numbers are often used as a form of communication between you and them and you should never ignore them, as they carry important messages you need to receive.

If you're curious to finding out why you're constantly seeing repeating numbers on the clock, then stick around!

"You won't miss a sign from the Universe. It will keep getting louder and louder until you get it." - Unknown

What Are Repeating Angel Numbers?

Repeating Angel numbers, are numbers consisting of the same number more than once. For example, a repeating number could look like: 11 or 111 or 1111 and so on. When it comes to what repeating numbers mean, this will of course depend on the number itself, however, repeating numbers are known to bring positive messages which act as guidance for you.

When you notice a repeating number, be aware of what was happening in that exact moment as this can play a key part in understanding the meaning behind that number. For example, when you see a repeating number, such as: 12:12 on the clock. Try to think about what was going through your mind at the time, what was happening, how you were feeling, whether you've recently prayed and so on.

How Do You Know If It's Really A Sign?

When we notice the same repeating number throughout the day, it's easy to label it as a simple coincidence. But what if it's not? How can you know for sure? You must first learn why the Universe uses repeating numbers and that is because they are more likely to get your attention, due to its synchronicity. That is your first clue.

However, if that's not enough proof for you to believe that repeating number you have been seeing all day is a message from your Angels. Then here are two more ways you can find out if that repeating number was really sent for you:

Number One: By Using Your Own Intuition

Believe it or not, but our intuition can also be used as a sign. If you feel that repeating number on the clock that keeps catching your eye is meant for you, then that's because it is. Many believe that, that little voice in the back of our heads that often gets ignored is actually the voice of our higher self trying to guide us.

Number Two: By Learning More About The Number

If listening to your intuition isn't enough proof for you to believe that repeating number is a sign for you, then take a few minutes to look up for the Angel meaning of that repeating number. You will find that its meaning somehow relates to your current situation. Whether you choose to take it as motivation, guidance or a warning. It will have something you can relate to.

Meaning of Repeating Angel Numbers

So, now you know what repeating Angel numbers are, what to do when you see one and how to know if they are truly meant for you. But the big question remains, what do they actually mean? As we've mentioned before Angel number meaning vary from number to number. However, repeating numbers are often sent with lots of positivity and guidance and they are usually an emphasised meaning of their singular self.

But here is what the most commonly seen repeating Angel number mean, individually:

Angel Number - 11:11

This number has a lot to do with your thoughts. The Angels are telling you that you should try to maintain a positive mindset, as you have the power to turn your thoughts into reality. If you find that you already have a positive mindset, take this as encouragement to keep going as once again, your thoughts create your reality.

11:11 could also be a message from someone you've lost and if you feel this is your sign, honour their message and know that they are at peace.

Angel Number - 22:22

22:22 is telling you to keep going! You may be trying to get your life in balance or perhaps you've already achieved that, no matter what, keep going. And remember how powerful you can be with a positive mindset and no matter how hard things may get; your Angels are always beside you.

Angel Number - 33:33

Seeing this number may mean that you are currently facing a difficult situation, maybe you're trying to avoid it. Your angels are telling you that you must face this situation head-on and they will be right there with you. No matter what, they support you.

Angel Number - 44:44

Angel number 4444 is giving you a round of applause. You have been working extremely hard and you should be extremely proud of yourself! Your Angels are letting you know, that your hard-work will very soon pay off and be recognise. Don't give up.

Angel Number - 55:55

Now, you may be questioning this life path that you are currently on. Your Angels are letting you know that this is the right path for you, because it is going to lead you to your dreams and goals.

Angel Number - 12:12

You're on the right path, but you're holding yourself back. Your Angels are telling you to get out of your comfort zone, as this will begin to unravel more opportunities and trust that your Angels are keeping you safe. Your Angels are also telling you to keep a positive mindset and focus on your goals as this will all manifest in time.

Angel Number - 13:13

It's time to start over! The Universe is giving you an opportunity for a new beginning, all you must do is learn from your past mistakes and let go of anything that is holding you back as this is preventing you from giving yourself and your loved ones a better future.

So, you now know why you have been constantly seeing repeating numbers on the clock.

If you want to know more about numerology and Angel number's spiritual meaning, make sure to check out our articles for more!

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